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Diagnostic Imaging Challenges

How to exactly align the body part under examination to capture the best image with the lowest radiation dose possible.

How to ensure patients are not exposed to levels of radiation levels that are higher than necessary while still producing high quality images. How to eliminate manual measuring and machine alignment during an examination, allowing for a fully automated workflow.

Creating the hardware and software that will allow diagnostic imaging equipment to see the patient and Interact safely while providing the best image for analysis.

Allowing for a more comfortable and confident diagnostic imaging experience for patients. Relieving the stress and overwork on technicians. and creating more time to serve more patients safely.

The MiREYE Solution

Establishing intelligent imaging technology that blends software and hardware to produce a complete system that sees the best way to take an x-ray per patient.

Directing 3D imaging to work with AI and machine learning technology to produce the capability of recognizing and showing correct body part positioning.

Automate the workflow to eliminate manual measuring and equipment alignment and prepopulate lowest dosage imaging parameters for he technician.

We design equipment with smooth and safe movement in an ergonomic structure that is easy to set up and creates a confident impressive experience.

X-Ray Image Quality Control System

MiREYE X-Ray Image Quality Control System, a game-changing product that ensures the highest quality x-ray images every time. Our products are designed to provide busy radiology departments with the tools they need to maintain consistent image quality and meet industry standards by using AI technology.




Exposure Parameters Recommendation


Radiation Safety

Virtual Collimation

Real Time Live-Stream

Other Features and Benefits


ACT: Auto-Center Tracking

Makes the alignment and positioning automatically without relying on operators’ knowledge and experience. Helps avoid infection caused by direct contact with the patient. Creates a more efficient workflow.


Collimation Recommendation

Guides manual collimator adjustment to ensure DAP value will not exceed the Radiology Diagnostic Reference Level and avoid any extra radiation to patient.


AAR: Auto-Anatomic Recognition

with Auto-projection and orientation Recognition (AP, PA, R-Lateral and L-Lateral)

Aids automatic body part alignment and positioning automatically. Adds auto marking to the system. Also includes automatic image processing parameter application.


ARD: Auto-Collimation Detection

Provides Accurate W/L calculating for image processing and accurate average pixel value calculating for AEC. Essential for DAP calculation allows accurate average pixel value calculating for AEC and eliminates AED delay and shortens the image processing time.


ATD: Auto-Thickness Detection

Auto KVp setting for AEC allows AEC without ionization chamber hardware saving hardware cost and eliminating hardware installation time.


ADAPM: Auto-DAP Measurement

Gives results independent of ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. Further saves hardware cost and eliminate hardware installation time.


ASID: Auto-SID and SOD Detection with AMFM: Auto-Magnification Factor Measurement

Auto-calibration of measurement tools provides real time scale factor and accurate values.


AAD: Auto-Angle Detection

Allows for automatic positioning correction. It also indicates correct angle for oblique study.


Positioning Correction indicator

Allows for positioning correction and alignment correction.


Target Safety Detection

Automatic anti-collision to avoid contact with persons near equipment.