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Our Team has decades of experience in Diagnostic Imaging innovation. We have launched intelligent imaging systems that automate the patient positioning process for X-Ray examinations. This creates a much easier and more efficient workflow for both patients and technicians.
Our Patented Auto Thickness Detection feature measures the thickness of the patient on the table, and automatically sets the proper kVp and mAs for your exam.


We Solve Workflow and Quality Assurance issues to Improve Diagnostic Imaging Worldwide.


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Digital Radiography Solutions


We incorporate advanced technology in our fully integrated veterinary x-ray solutions to enable the body part auto-thickness detection (ATD) feature. This method automatically measures the thickness of the patient’s anatomy, provides the appropriate technique to the x-ray generator, significantly optimizes the image quality, prevents an unnecessarily high exposure to the patient, and ensures a smooth acquisition workflow.


MiREYE X-Ray Image Quality Control System, a game-changing product that ensures the highest quality x-ray images every time. Our product is designed to provide radiology departments with the tools they need to maintain consistent image quality standards.

OEM Solutions

Collaboration is often the key to success. Our team is here to assist our partners to create the best Intelligent Imaging experience for their customers. Working together to create real value for patients is essential to our business..

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Large Animal Full Body Imaging Coming Soon

Introducing the Intelligent Digital X-ray Solution for Large Animal Veterinary care. This device is equipped with advanced features that enable a powerful and efficient, yet mostly automated workflow. Its advanced sensors and artificial intelligence analyze your patients movements and identify areas of tension and misalignment.

Introducing MiREYE X-PD

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